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  • Stop 9: Bastion 3: Direct Hit

    Direct Hit:

    Pvt. Isaac Monroe editor of the Baltimore Patriot and standing untouched with the gun crew here on bastion three described the horror, "By early afternoon September 13th, a nor’easter brought heavy showers and rain on Captain Nicholson’s Baltimore Fencibles Artillery gun crew. At 2pm a bomb would slam into Bastion 3 instantly killing Lt. Levi Claggett and severely wounding four other men. A 24 pounder was knocked off its carriage. A second bomb would burst over the bastion. Shrapnel the size of a silver dollar tore through Sergeant John Clemm killing him on the spot. These were citizen soldiers, two of the four men killed during the bombardment and were prominent flour merchants and investors in Baltimore’s Privateer trade."